Essential Green Smoothies is a book with fully illustrated smoothie recipes. The author is Madeline Eyer, and the Illustrator is Royce Richardson.
 Essential Green Smoothies
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In Essential Green Smoothies, Brilliant raw food chef Madeline Eyer offers a collection of 52 irresistible green smoothie recipes enhanced with essential oils. She expands the “cookbook” paradigm, as each unique elixir is a delightfully nourishing treat for the body while each illustrated page is a visual feast for the eyes. If you think “green” smoothies taste like blended salad, you’re about to be happily surprised!
 A gifted “kitchen alchemist,” Madeline possesses an innate ability to combine ingredients in ways that are both flavorful and healthy. Madeline is a Certified Raw Food Coach and member of the International Association for Raw Food Coaches & Teachers. To learn more, visit http://ConsciouslyRaw.com
  Royce designs and illustrates for a variety for media, including books, film and websites. He is also a published author; his novel, “The Blissmaker,” won a Benjamin Franklin Award and was voted Book of the Year by the Coalition of Visionary Retailers. You can see more of his work at http://DreamwalkerDesign.com

Video by Royce at DreamwalkerDesigns.com

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